Cooler Master "Hydra 8800" W/C heatsink

For NVIDIA 8800 cards.

| Oct 22, 2007 at 4:44 pm CDT
All you folks out there with 8800GTX/Ultra graphics cards looking to spruce up the cooling capabilities without the cost of more noise, you may like to look into a new aftermarket cooler designed for these cards from Cooler Master, they call this the Hydra 8800.

This cooler is particularly interesting due to the fact that it is designed to use both air and water for the removal of heat. The block itself is made out of aluminum with an all-copper base and the fan is rated for a lowly 1800RPM, dishing out a noise level of just 19dBA.

Pricing and availability isn't yet known, but the official product page for the Hydra 8800 can be found over at CM's website.

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