Windows 11 adoption is pathetic, less than 1% have upgraded

Microsoft's new Windows 11 operating system isn't too popular, research suggests just 0.21% of PC users are using Windows 11.

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It seems that most people aren't upgrading to Microsoft's latest version of its operating system, with less than 1% of PC users upgrading to Windows 11.

Windows 11 adoption is pathetic, less than 1% have upgraded 03

This is according to Lansweeper, an IT asset management firm, which says only 0.21% of PC users are running Windows 11. This is flying in the face of Microsoft offering Windows 11 as a free upgrade for Windows 10 users and comes days after Microsoft CEO Nadella Satya off-loaded over half of his Microsoft stock.

Lansweeper investigated data from over 10 million Windows devices in both businesses, and home users, finding that Windows 11 is the 5th most popular OS overall. Hell, there are more people using both Windows 8 (ugh) and Windows XP than there are people running Windows 11. There's 3.62% of people running Windows XP, and 0.95% running Windows 8.

Roel Decneut, CEO of Lansweeper, said: "The situation poses a significant cybersecurity risk as Microsoft no longer provides bug-fixes or security patches for Windows Vista, 2000, XP, and 7. Although the majority of users are on newer operating systems, the billions of active Windows devices worldwide means there could still be millions of people using devices that are insecure and open to attack".

"Plus, a large number of these outdated systems are predicted to be running on enterprise devices, which means it's not just personal information that's on the line".

Alternatively, data from computer monitor software provider AdDuplex suggests that Windows 11 adoption is much higher, closer to 9% -- higher than the 1% from Lansweeper's new numbers. It has only been around 2 months since Windows 11 launched, but there's nothing OMG-worthy of upgrading from Windows 10 just yet.

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