Pimax is testing an experimental virtual desktop mode

Pimax is testing out a virtual desktop mode for its Pimax Experience software which will enable you to access your entire PC in VR.

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Pimax has been working hard to build out the Pimax Experience virtual environment where you can control your headset's settings and launch your games. The newest feature is a virtual desktop mode.

Pimax is testing an experimental virtual desktop mode 01

The Pimax Experience virtual desktop mode enables you to access your Windows desktop from within the headset. This feature is perfect if you want to work in a virtual environment. You can bring up your browser or any 2D application. You can also use the virtual desktop mode to watch 2D videos on a gigantic virtual screen.

Pimax said that it's not ready to deploy the virtual desktop to everyone, but the company is looking for users willing to test it and provide feedback for further development.

Pimax's virtual desktop is currently optimized for 16:9 displays, but other aspect ratios may not render correctly. Pimax is looking for beta testers with ultrawide displays and 4:3 displays to ensure compatibility with all desktop setups. However, if you own a Pimax headset, you probably don't have a 4:3 monitor anymore.

The company is also looking for people who run three displays to verify multi-monitor support.

Pimax said that development on the virtual desktop mode is not complete yet. Specifically, the company has lots of work to do on the virtual mouse input as it doesn't currently synchronize with your real mouse. That feature should come in a future update over the coming weeks.

If you have a Pimax headset and you're interested in giving the new Pimax Experience Virtual Desktop a try, you can find the installation instructions on Reddit in the r/Pimax_Official sub.

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