Valve VR prototype headset teased with Half-Life VR game

Half-Life 3 confirmed?!

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It looks like Valve is working on a new VR headset, with UploadVR reporting about a new prototype VR headset from the company that rocks a Valve logo on the circuit board, with images leaking out onto Imgur.

Valve VR prototype headset teased with Half-Life VR game 02

You'll notice we haven't said HTC in this post, with Valve working with the smartphone maker on the Vive and Vive Pro headsets, but this is a prototype VR headset made in-house at Valve it seems. The new headset seems to have SteamVR tracking photodiodes, with UploadVR explaining: "The leaked headset features what appear to be SteamVR tracking photodiodes under the plastic (similar to how Oculus hides IR LEDs under the Rift). It also has 2 cameras visible and integrated headphones. The padding on the back is visually similar to the padding on Valve's "Knuckles" controllers prototypes.".

The prototype VR headset seems to have a higher field of view, which should in turn mean it has a higher resolution display as well.

Valve VR prototype headset teased with Half-Life VR game 03

This new headset could be a prototype that Valve is making as a footprint for what it wants VR headset manufacturers to make, but it is the last bit of this news from UploadVR's sources that said: "this is in fact a Valve HMD. We've also heard the field of view will be 135 degrees with the Vive Pro resolution and it should come bundled with Knuckles controllers as well as a Half-Life based VR game".

Uh what now? There's a Half-Life VR game included? IS THIS HALF-LIFE 3?!?

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