Samsung unveils new 8K QLED TV with AI upscaling technology

Samsung's new Q900FN is a huge 8K TV with HDR10+ standard, and AI upscaling tech.

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IFA 2018 was all about 8K televisions with LG showing off their latest and greatest 88-inch 8K OLED TV at the show, as well as AU Optronics teasing an even better TV: 85-inch 8K 120Hz HDR... which would be mind blowing for gamers from the future.

Samsung unveils new 8K QLED TV with AI upscaling technology |

Samsung didn't want to feel left out with the South Korean giant unveiling their first 8K QLED TV that is coming soon, with the Q900FN and its minimalistic design and great built-in features. It will sport the gorgeously detailed 7680x4320 native resolution but it'll also pack something interesting: AI upscaling. Samsung says that the 8K QLED will feature 4000 nits of peak brightness, HDR10+ and can optimize content on-the-fly.

The new Q900FN will feature a single optical cable that will take care of the power and video inputs, with Samsung throwing in ambient mode that will see the 8K TV blend into your wall. It can be a super-detailed wallpaper that will display photos, the weather, and current news all in 8K. Right now there's no ETA on the 8K QLED, but I'm sure we'll either hear or see more about it at CES 2019 which is creeping up reaaal fast.

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