Payday 2 barely maintains 30FPS on the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch port of Payday 2 can barely maintain 30FPS.

| Mar 1, 2018 at 5:00 am CST

Payday 2 for the Nintendo Switch released only a few days ago and now after some heists it has been been revealed that the Payday 2 port for the Nintendo Switch is struggling to maintain even 30FPS as well as having numerous problems.

According to an analyst firm called Digital Foundry, the Nintendo Switch version of Payday 2 is struggling to even maintain a solid 30FPS and also harbors many other problems. When docked the Switch appears to produce some stuttering for textures, as well as the game doesn't utilize dynamic resolution so the pixel count can't be dropped in intense scenarios to maintain a solid FPS.

If you thought all of that was bad well then you are going to be shocked at this. The in-game time has been tied to the game's frame rate which means that the game speed slows down considerably whenever the frame rate fluctuates.

If you are a Nintendo Switch owner be very cautious of picking up Payday 2, as it could provide a much better first time experience on your Switch if you wait until the developer patches the game. Patience is a virtue.

Last updated: Jun 16, 2020 at 04:29 pm CDT



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