Justice League's latest trailer unites the heroes

WB releases the last trailer to Justice League before it hits theaters on November 17.

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I said to myself a few days ago that I wouldn't watch the final trailer to Justice League, I said to myself that I have self control... well, I was wrong. Warner Bros. has released the final trailer to Justice League, and I've got to say... I'm beyond pumped.

The trailer really covers the death of Superman and how it has affected the world, with the trailer opening in Smallville - well, at least in Lois's mind. Lois is dreaming of Clark, which is a very emotional scene. The trailer cuts to Lois waking up realizing that it was a dream, to the TV saying that crime, violence, terror, and war are all on the rise - in the post-Superman world.

Bruce tells Diana that he's been dreaming of something dark coming to Earth, and that he needs to build a team to be prepared. Bruce tells the other heroes that "divided, we are not enough". Bruce continues, saying: "the world needs Superman, and I made him a promise, which is why I've brought you together".

Aquaman gets much more screen time in this trailer, and through all of the Justice League trailers and snippets I've come to see Aquaman as DC's Wolverine. Gal Gadot continues to shine as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, and The Flash looks like he could be fun... but I'm still not sold on Cyborg.

Justice League's latest trailer unites the heroes | TweakTown.com

Justice League drops on November 17.

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