AMD loses 2% discrete GPU market back to NVIDIA

AMD's discrete GPU market share drops by 2% in the last quarter.

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AMD was slowly but surely clawing back discrete GPU market share from NVIDIA over the last 6-12 months, but according to the latest report from Jon Peddie Research, graphics board shipments dropped 29.8% quarter-over-quarter, and 19.2% year-over-year.

AMD loses 2% discrete GPU market back to NVIDIA |

NVIDIA now sits with 72.5% of the discrete GPU market to itself, their highest in months. NVIDIA has saturated the market with their GeForce GTX 10 series products, as they continue to release cards - and I'm sure they still have more right around the corner as a response to Radeon RX Vega from AMD.

JPR explains: "The attach rate of AIBs to desktop PCs has declined from a high of 63% in Q1 2008 to 42% this quarter, a decrease of 9.0% from last quarter which was negative. Compared to this quarter last year it decreased 12.9% which was negative. The overall GPU shipments (integrated and discrete) is greater than desktop PC shipments due double-attach-the adding of a second (or third) AIB to a system with integrated processor graphics-and to a lesser extent, dual AIBs in performance desktop machines using either AMD's CrossFire or NVIDIA's SLI technology improved attach rate".

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