Ghost Recon Wildlands beta shatters Ubisoft expectations

The records set by the Ghost Recon Wildlands beta might make your jaw drop.

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Ubisoft has released some shocking statistics after Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta. Prepare to be blown away by the numbers!

Ghost Recon Wildlands beta shatters Ubisoft expectations 01

First off, Ubisoft is calling this beta "THE BIGGEST BETA EVER AT UBISOFT". Well, they got the player count to back that up. 6,83 million players played the open beta. This is a new record for the studio since the last one was held by For Honor with a little less than 6 million players.

Of course, the player count is nothing to brag home about if players only logged on for a few minutes. Guess what? The total playtime comes in at 34.295.124 hours which is more than 3915 years... Jesus Christ! And, it doesn't stop there either.

Players spent a total of 77.176.528 minutes in drones, 169. 253.332 minutes in night vision mode and 7 hours of average playtime to complete main missions - and that's only 2 provinces out of the 21.

Ubisoft promise to deliver massive content once the game launches on March 7 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

How many of you have tried the Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta? How pumped are you for this game Share your experience with us!

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