Intel's upcoming 10nm-based Cannonlake will combat Ryzen

Intel needs to move to Cannonlake in order to compete with Ryzen.

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AMD is poised to change the entire PC market with its Ryzen processors launching next month, leaving a once super confident Intel in its silicon dust - but Intel is firing back, confident that it can sustain the fumes of Ryzen with its upcoming Cannonlake architecture.

Intel's upcoming 10nm-based Cannonlake will combat Ryzen |

During a chat with Deutsche Bank Securities, Intel boss Brian Krzanich was asked about the company "That's very helpful. I guess as my follow-up, you talked about the ASPs in answering a prior question. I wondered about the competitive intensity in the PC market. You're taking a more conservative tack than the third-party vendors are forecasting, but your primary x86 competitor is coming out with a new architecture for the first time in many, many years. So, I wonder whether it's on the ASP or the unit or the market share side how you're factoring that into your forecast for the year".

Krzanich replied with: "Sure. I would tell you that we always look at this environment and say there's going to be a competitive risk in the environment. And we're always focused on really, our own product roadmap and making sure that we have the highest performance product. So, when we look at 2017, we still believe that our product roadmap is truly the best ever it's been".

But he continued, touching on the just-launched Kaby Lake architecture and how it will ramp up through 2017, and that there will be "many more SKUs and higher-performance products as we go into 2017". He continued: "And then we showed at CES the first working 10-nanometer Cannonlake product, which we're still planning to ship by the end of this year and really ramp into 2018. We still believe that our roadmap and our leadership will continue to give us the performance the customers want and desire. And so that didn't necessarily factor into that more cautious forecast. That forecast was really much more a function of where we think the PC market really is overall".

My take away from this is that Intel are scared, and Kaby Lake isn't the answer - personally, Intel is boring now. AMD have SenseMI technology inside of Ryzen, a truly exciting new piece of technology that will enhance the CPU for specific uses and consumers.

Intel are just plotting along, with a new processor architecture - teasing Cannonlake, because you know - the damn Kaby Lake architecture that launched less than 30 days ago isn't exciting enough. Intel has lost sight of the market, enjoying those easy profits for far too long. AMD is coming along now and is entering the party with something truly revolutionary, something we haven't seen in a very long time.


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