Samsung's Galaxy S8: headphone jack, and a desktop dock

Samsung's new Galaxy S8 smartphone WILL have a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a desktop dock.

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As we get closer to the unveiling of the Galaxy S8, we're hearing more positive things about it - like The Guardian reporting that it has new information that seems Samsung keeping the 3.5mm headphone jack on the Galaxy S8, and more.

They add that the Galaxy S8 will have a 3.5mm headphone jack, something they've heard from "multiple sources", and that it does indeed rock that beautiful "all-screen" design that we've been reporting. Inside, we are to expect Qualcomm's powerhouse Snapdragon 835 processor, USB-C connectivity, microSD card support, and more.

Samsung is expected to launch a new Gear VR headset and Gear 360 alongside the Galaxy S8, but it's the new "DeX" desktop dock that has me interested. This purported DeX desktop dock would turn your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone into an Android-powered desktop PC. It has been attempted before, but if Samsung can do it right, it could be a game changer for some users.

Samsung's Galaxy S8: headphone jack, and a desktop dock |

The new Galaxy S8 should also include iris scanning biometric technology, something that we saw in the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. This will let you unlock your S8 with your eyes. The Guardian also writes that the Galaxy S8 will have a similar "duo pixel" rear-facing camera - similar to the S7, with improvements to image quality, low-light performance, and speed. Their sources have said it will have "built-in object recognition, similar to Google Goggles".

Inside, Samsung is said to be using an artificial intelligence assistant, and using the Galaxy S8's camera - it can perform tasks like object recognition. If Samsung can let you take a picture of your car keys and you get to say "remember where I put these", and then it can later tell you - the Galaxy S8 could do an Apple and change everything.

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