EVE Online goes free to play with Ascension update

EVE Online goes free to play, Ascension update adds lots of new content.

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EVE Online: Ascension has launched. The biggest update in the history of the game, it shifts EVE to a free to play model while adding a ton of new content.

Engineering Complexes have been added to the game and are said to fundamentally alter the economy and gameplay. In addition to that, visual feedback has been reworked, new explosion effects are on display, and there's more activity to be found in the asteroid belts of New Eden (think on-capsuleer resource gathering operations), just to name a few items.

If you're enticed by the free thing but are still intimidated by the learning curve, CCP has your back and says a new tutorial offers "more assistance and guidance than ever before as they take their first steps into the vast expanse of New Eden."

EVE Online goes free to play with Ascension update | TweakTown.com

Head here to download, or if you already have the game, boot it to grab the new content. If you want all the details on Ascension, head this way.

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