Titanfall 2 post-launch DLC will be 100% free

Respawn knows how to keep gamers happy with Titanfall 2.

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Titanfall 2 is finally here, with developer Respawn Entertainment coming out and explaining that there will be no Season Pass released for their second mech shooter in the franchise.

Titanfall 2 post-launch DLC will be 100% free | TweakTown.com

Respawn Entertainment confirmed the news in a blog post, explaining that Titanfall 2 isn't a typical shooter: "No Season Pass required: all maps & modes will be free in Titanfall 2 Multiplayer. This means no splitting up the community and it all starts with the legendary Angel City map, remastered from the original Titanfall".

They continued: "This means once you've purchased Titanfall 2, your investment includes a full single player campaign, the full multiplayer maps and modes, and long-term support with no hidden costs. You can pre-order the game to play 3 days early, but it will never cost you extra".

Titanfall 2 @ 4K 60FPS on NVIDIA's Titan X

Yeah, that would be Titanfall 2 rocking at 4K 60FPS on a single Pascal-based Titan X graphics card from NVIDIA.

Multi-Cloud Servers + Improved Matchmaking

Titanfall 2 is powered by multi-cloud servers which allow for increased reliability and scalability, but Respawn has included a new Networks feature that is said to be an improved matchmaking service.

Remember that Respawn is using a highly tweaked Source engine (yeah, the Source engine from Valve) - and is out tomorrow (only a few hours left, guys!) on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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