League of Legends table top game sets the mood for fun

League of Legends table top game creates for some good cooperative gameplay and tactics.

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League of Legends is now available as a fully programmatic tabletop game. Riot Games has taken the already popular title and created another version/genre from which players can enjoy with the same theme. The YouTube video provided showcases a quick glimpse of the official board-like game.

"Mechs vs Minions" utilizes programmatic movement from a shared draft. The 2-4 multiplayer game lets users challenge opponents and co-op together against the army of minions.

The full set contains:

  • 4 x game boards
  • 4 x command lines
  • 4 x painted mech miniatures
  • 6 x metal trackers
  • 4 x acrylic shards
  • 4 x dice
  • 100 x minion miniatures
League of Legends table top game sets the mood for fun | TweakTown.com

Customers wanting to purchase will have to set aside $75 USD (depending on region). For further details regarding the full game and its various campaigns, visit the official Mechs vs. Minions official website.

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