DirectX 12, Vulkan support on the way for CryEngine

Crytek reveals CryEngine roadmap for August and beyond, includes support for DirectX 12 and Vulkan.

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Crytek's newly published roadmap for CryEngine reveals big features are not far off at all.

DirectX 12, Vulkan support on the way for CryEngine |

First is DirectX 12 multi-GPU support, a complete DirectX 12 renderer, the possibility of support for NVIDIA's PhysX, and more. All of these are labeled for version 5.2, due out any day now.

Version 5.3, meanwhile, will introduce the increasingly popular Vulkan API. Developed as a spin-off of AMD's Mantle, it serves as another low-overhead solution that's been shown to majorly increase performance in games. 5.3 is planned for mid-October.

Crytek is currently developing free to play games Arena of Fate and Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age, and updating Warface. Hunt will use the newest version of CryEngine, so at the very least, that one is likely to implement DirectX 12 and/or Vulkan support.


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