For Honor detailed, closed alpha starts on September 15

Ubisoft announces For Honor alpha test dates, takes place between September 15-18.

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Gamescom 2016 - Ubisoft has announced that the closed alpha of For Honor will take place between September 15 and 18, where you can sign up on the game's official website. Ubisoft has said that the PC version of For Honor will be developed by Blue Byte, which worked on DLC content for Rainbow Six: Siege.

The company also detailed For Honor's roster of 12 playable heroes, which are split into three factions: Knight, Viking, and Samurai. Ubisoft explains: "each feature four true elite warriors, capable of making a major difference on the battlefield," continuing with "For Honor embarks players in the chaos, fury and brutality of ruthless, visceral close-quarter combat featuring the brutal Vikings, the deadly Knights and the cold-blooded Samurai. In each faction, players will be able to choose among four different types of Heroes".

As for the different character classes in For Honor, here's what to expect:

  • Vanguards are well-balanced Heroes, with good attack, and defense capabilities and great versatility.
  • Assassins are swift and lethal characters, great duelists with very good offense
  • Heavies are the most resistant Heroes, their attacks are slow but deadly. They're especially efficient for defending a point and annihilating AI enemies.
  • Hybrids mix elements and characteristics of other types. They are advanced characters fostering uncommon tactics

For Honor features a progression system, which Ubisoft says "is unique to each Hero, with select elements shared across PvE and PvP gameplay modes". The company continues: "At the end of each multiplayer match and each campaign mission, players are awarded XP that unlocks new combat abilities and new visual customization options. They also have the chance to loot armor and weapon parts on the battlefield, with specific stats allowing each player to adapt their gear to their playstyle while ensuring fairness and balance in multiplayer".

For Honor is shaping up quite well, but are you interested? Is this the type of game you've been waiting for?

For Honor detailed, closed alpha starts on September 15 |

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