Killer Instinct frame rate tied to monitor refresh, unlock to 144Hz!

The frame rate limited Killer Instinct can be unlocked, all the way up to 144Hz.

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Killer Instinct, alongside Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, showcase that developers don't care about PC gamers. Killer Instinct's frame rate is locked to monitor refresh rates, so if you have a high refresh rate gaming monitor cranking at 120/144/165Hz - then your game is going to be too fast.

Killer Instinct frame rate tied to monitor refresh, unlock to 144Hz! |

There's a workaround for this however, as you can untie Killer Instinct's refresh rate lock from your monitor. You'll have to set a custom resolution in your display settings, to whatever resolution (1920x1080, 2560x1440, 3840x2160 and so on) and 60Hz. The ultra-awesome gaming monitors at 120/144/165Hz are usually 2560x1440 native resolutions, so you'll have to lock your high refresh rate to 60Hz - and only for Killer Instinct.

This means you'll have to change resolutions (and refresh rates) for Killer Instinct, but then when you want to play something else like CS:GO, The Division or whatever else - you'll have to go back in and change your resolution and refresh rate from the custom settings to the normal resolution and refresh rate - until the developer updates the game and it'll work without a problem... hopefully.


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