Survival has a new meaning in The Solus Project, now available on Xbox

The Solus Project, as a preview, a blending of science-fiction, first person and survival is now available on the Xbox Store.

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There might be quite a few different survival games to choose from on the marketplace, but you shouldn't confuse The Solus Project with just any run-of-the-mill survival game. In this, it's your task to find a habitable place to keep humanity alive. And this is available in a preview status on the Xbox Live store for $13.49.

Survival has a new meaning in The Solus Project, now available on Xbox |

You get to move into brave new frontiers to save the human race, which is on the brink of extinction. There's a little bit more at stake than just your making it through the hostile landscape and surviving. You have to set up a colony to welcome the rest of humanity.

And to make it even more unique than the average survival, it isn't just the aggressive aliens that pose a threat, but the entire environment. A constant shifting environment built on Unreal Engine 4 where the world around you goes through changes and you have to find ways to overcome all of those novel challenges. It's available now, though it's not complete and it's an early preview, so be mindful of that. You can download a free preview if you just want to check out what it's about and see how a science-fiction FPS melds with survival game.


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