COUGAR claims to have settled the Console vs PC Debate

COUGAR claims to have settled the Console vs PC debate with their 'revolutionary gaming case' - do you agree?

| May 6, 2015 at 4:38 am CDT

Case, cooler, PSU and peripheral manufacturer COUGAR has just claimed in their latest press release to have settled the "Console vs PC Debate."


A bold claim I know, so how do they justify this? Their QBX Mini-ITX gaming case (pictured) has just gathered an award in the Computex d&i 2015 rounds, explaining that this is due to its innovative design.

The self-proclaimed "revolutionary gaming case" offers users the ability to pack in several SSDs, video cards up to 350mm long and more into this small Mini-ITX chassis.

COUGAR claims this chassis to be the best alternative to a gaming console as it's small enough to fit in your lounge room entertainment unit whilst still packing the punch of your regular single-GPU gaming machine. This setup will further offer the ability to "be updated in the future if the need arises" coupled with the extra cooling available through the design when compared to the latest generation of consoles.

COUGAR claims to have settled the Console vs PC Debate 025 |

Do you agree with their claims? Either way it's a fairly nice looking case.

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