Australian Rae Johnston claims Avatars are people too in TEDx talk

Further bringing technology and games to the mainstream scene, Johnston just completed an interesting TEDx talk. It's only 13.5 minutes so give it a shot.

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Popular Aussie tech evangelist to the 'mainstream', gamer and cosplayer, Rae Johnston has recently been snapped up by Allure Media - she's been seen around various media entities including being on TV shows such as 'Mornings' on free-to-air offerings, alongside writing for multiple tech websites scattered around the globe.

Australian Rae Johnston claims Avatars are people too in TEDx talk |

Johnston has just completed a TEDx talk about gaming and social media in TEDx Ultimo, claiming that "Avatars Are People Too" - touching on a few points of interest and giving her own impressions on them.

Allure media services large-scale Australian websites such as Kotaku, Gizmodo and more.


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