Minecraft creator made a cool $100 million last year

Markus 'Notch' Persson, the guy behind Minecraft, mined his way to $100 million last year alone.

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Markus 'Notch' Persson, the guy behind Minecraft made approximately $100 million last year, not bad for what most people consider an "indie" game. Making $100 million pits him directly against mode huge games, and even nipping on the heels of AAA titles.

Minecraft creator made a cool $100 million last year | TweakTown.com

Notch was answering some questions through a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), where readers unearthed (geddit?) some information on him, and how he was able to acquire so much cash, so quickly. Notch isn't too sure what to do with it all, as would most people that aren't born into money, but he'd like to provide for his family and finally get his drivers license and maybe buy a car, but he's still a bit uneasy about it all, he wrote:

I grew up in a relatively poor family, but once I got a decent job, I never really had to worry about money. My hobbies were playing games and programming, so there wasn't any real drain. I could eat out when I wanted to, and go to the movies without having to save up for it. I still had to save up for trips and to be able to buy computers or consoles, but that just felt normal.

Notch also revealed a very human side of himself during the AMA, where he talked about the systems in place that have allowed him to amass so much money from not doing much work at all, apart from creating Minecraft, he says:

Well, on one hand I don't mind having loads of money at all. On the other, it's a bit strange that I can create something once and keep getting paid over and over and over for it. If you build a car, you can only sell it once. If you paint a fence, you only get paid for it once. If you create a piece of software that's essentially free to reproduce, you can keep getting paid over and over perpetually.

I can understand, most people - myself included - work each and every day to make money for the next. If I don't work tomorrow, I don't get paid for that. If I stop working for 6 months, I have no money for 6 months, but Notch - by creating Minecraft - makes money for doing no more work, and enjoys the constant stream of cash. Good on him!

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