Steve Jobs Gets Carbonite Treatment In New iPhone Skin

How long before they get sued?

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The conversation between Jony Ives and Steve Jobs when they saw this:

Ives: "We're going to sue the @#$% of these guys."
Jobs: "I know."

Steve Jobs Gets Carbonite Treatment In New iPhone Skin |

From the clever minds at Society 6 comes this definitely-good-for-a-laugh iPhone 4 case. It's actually made of hard plastic, not carbonite, but the spirit is in the right place.

Even better, S6 is also selling t-shirts and art prints that feature the same depiction of Jobs frozen in Carbonite, glasses and all, with the insanely clever slogan, "iKnow". Fans of Star Wars will recall the similarly-sounding and infamous Harrison Ford/Han Solo quote, said to Carrie Fischer's Princess Leia after she confesses her love for him, and just before he is frozen in Carbonite.

Not so great for professional encounters, but sure to get a second look around town. It's yours for $35, and be sure to check out the site for the other merch available.

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