EVGA Motherboard Team Jumps to Sapphire

EVGA's Mobo Team Jumps to Sapphire.

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COMPUTEX Taipei 2010 - HardOCP the other morning had a breaking news post about EVGA's entire motherboard team leaving. Over the last couple of years EVGA has gained a very good reputation for their motherboards. Most if not all of these designs came from the same team that was at one point pumping out great designs for EpoX (remember the EpoX BP7+ 100 that was the only thing on the market to compete with ABIT and ASUS' designs?)

On our way out of the city today Cameron and I caught wind of where the team was headed. It's looking like the EVGA motherboard team will be setting up shop at Sapphire. With AMD Fusion coming in 2011 this has the potential to turn into a big deal for Sapphire who has been borrowing other teams for their motherboard product designs.

It looks like Lars and the boys over at Semi Accurate broke the story before we were able to get back to the Taiwan office. Hit the News Source button below to read their take on things.
NEWS SOURCE:semiaccurate.com
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