New Atom N450 should launch in October

New CPU for Netbooks.

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There is a new Atom in town, well there will be sometime in October is a report from Digitimes is correct.

According to the tech news source, Intel will launch the newest flavor of Atom, the N450 in October, this new version will put some of the Northbridge features right on the CPU Die and allow for a two chip setup.

With this move it could be that Ion will have a very short life with the Atom and could be the reason why nVidia was so keen to validate Ion on with other CPUs.

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New Atom N450 should launch in October

Intel is scheduled to phase out its Atom N270 CPU by launching its successor - the Atom N450 - for netbooks in October at the earliest, according to industry sources.

Codenamed Pine Trail, Intel's 45nm Atom N450 will be a single-core CPU with built-in northbridge functions, and will be paired with the new NM10 (Tiger Point) chipset.

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