Judge reviewing Pirate Bay Bias, is Biased

Is a memeber of a Copyright Protection Group.

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I tell you things just keep getting better and better in the Pirate Bay case. After hearing allegations that the Judge that ruled in the case was biased due to his membership in Copyright-Protection groups the Swedish government appointed a new judge to review this.

However, they did not take a look at her associations as it turns out she is a member of the same group.

I guess it shows that even the normally liberal Swedish Judiciary system has been co-opted by the big media cartels.

I wonder who will look at it next? Maybe a RIAA/MPAA lawyer.

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Judge reviewing Pirate Bay Bias, is Biased

Judge Ulrika Ihrfelt was assigned to investigate whether the four should be granted a retrial based on revelations that the original trial judge is a member of industry copyright-protection groups. However the Swedish Press looked into Ihrfelt and found out that she was a member of the same groups as the trial judge.

What is amazing is that who ever appointed her to the job seemed to think that they would get away with it. It also shows how much influence the movie and film industry has in the Swedish Judiciary if the country can't find a judge who has not attended one of its pirating brainwashing love ins.

If it was a mafia organisation who had Judges operating in that way, members of the public would scream blue murder. However if it is an organisation which threatens people with expensive court action if they don't pay a sum of cash that they pick out of the air, that is OK.

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