ATi's HD 4770 can hit 900MHz

With a little help from Rivatuner.

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The new HD 4770 with the 40nm golden GPU is getting some attention today.
It seems that after the Asus announcement of their overclocked reference cards some of the gang over at Fudzilla took a look at the new ATi darling and deiced to see what could be done with it.

With a few simple changes using Rivatuner you can clock your HD 4770 up to around 900MHz with no extra voltage. There was no long-term stability toasts to show off but the card was able to complete a 3DMark Vantage run.

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ATi's HD 4770 can hit 900MHz

ATI's CCC limits the card to 830/850MHz for core/memory clock and according to our own review and bunch of other reviews on the net, ATI's HD 4770 easily copes with it, even with, what AMD likes to call, a US $99 price cooler.

When bypassed, by simply changing the rivatuner.cfg line RV770 = 9440h-9443h,944Ch and adding "94B3h", it is capable of working at 900/1100MHz clocks, and it was stable enough to complete the 3DMark Vantage. We had high hopes for the HD 4890 and that it could go over 1GHz and by the looks of things, HD 4770 might have no problem with it.

In spite of AMD's non-OC attitude, Asus made a bold press release yesterday where its HD 4770 TOP edition can be pushed to 971/4600MHz thanks to the voltage boost from 0.95V to 1.2V.

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