Windows 7 will support 4890 and 4770

Drivers will be on the install DVD for 7.

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Some good news about Windows 7 for ATi fans, AMD/ATi has managed to get the drivers for the HD 4890 and the 4770 integrated into the Windows 7 DVD.

This could put them a little ahead of nVidia in terms of "out of the box" usefulness when it comes to Microsoft's newest OS. No one seems to know how complete the drivers are or if there will be full 3D support in them.

Windows 7 is rumored to be released in Q4 2009, but all indications put it at Mid 2010.

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Windows 7 will support 4890 and 4770

We are not sure if these drives will be the best one at the time of Windows 7 release but at least they will work out of the box and we are sure that Nvidia will try to strike such a deal for its top models.

We are not sure what happens with the previous models but since ATI has Catalyst there is a chance that much more ATI cards will be natively supported by Windows 7. The question if the 3D acceleration will also get supported out of the box remains unanswered but we can recommend that once you get Windows 7 final and if you have the latest Radeon card, simply go and get the latest drivers to ensure that your games run fast.

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