Cooler Master's V10 only likes HOT CPUs

otherwise the TEC goes to waste.

Published Thu, Jan 22 2009 9:52 PM CST   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 12:37 PM CST
As many of you would have seen, we recently came in close contact with Cooler Master's highly anticipated V10 heatsink, an absolute monster that already overshadows every existing air cooler on the market. And that's without even having seen any test results leaked yet.

Cooler Master's V10 only likes HOT CPUs

Not only does it look convincingly powerful and unmatched in the realm of heatsinks, but it should most certainly prove to be the case with its peltier (TEC) assisted design. However, although specifics and performance results are not yet allowed to be disclosed until the official release is upon us (slated for mid Feb), we've a little bit of info to share in regards to its cooling prowess, which came from the horse's mouth.

It's been said the true potential of the V10 is not seen unless you're strapping it onto a quad core processor, or at least a higher-end chip that generates a lot of heat. The reason for this is due to the TEC not kicking in on cooler running processors and only a 2-5 degree difference would be seen between the V10 and other high-end coolers. But then, if you had such a chip, it's doubtful you'd be wanting to go so overkill on it with the likes of the V10 anyway.

I like this alternative analogy that was given:

It's like a turbo car, you can drive a minivan and a STI all day at 50mph, but when you get to the highway or dragstrip the STI is faster because the "turbo" will turn on.

The TEC will not turn on unless the full heat potential is there. With a Phenom X4, or Core QX, or Core i7, you will have a more dramatic and proper effect since they are high heat. Higher the heat total... the more lead V10 will pull away from everything else and the hybrid mode will only work well with a cpu over Q6600 because the chip has to be very hot.

Hang in there folks, we'll be publishing test results of this beast strapped into our unforgiving T.E.C.C. the very day CM give the thumbs up.
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