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Nar Shadda Streets (Level 8)

1.      Start out  in the street reluctant to use weapons or force powers.  Eventually make your way to the bar.  Bouncers take your weapons.  Talk to the bartender about Reelo to get them back.  Fight after bartender seals the bar.  Unlock the shield around the bar by pushing a button upstairs (your weapons are also in the room w/ the button).  Unlock the doors out to the street by pushing another button behind the bar.  Exit the bar from the second floor. Secrets 1 and 2 are found by force-pushing a wall container in the kitchen and by using either of the tables in the alcove booths in the main bar area.    

2.      The second floor exit leads to a catwalk wrapping around the bar.  To the right you may notice some goodies on a higher catwalk.  This is a secret you can't get to right now.  Go left and come to the main street.  Watch out for snipers.  Cross the street and enter the building.  Take the elevator up and exit to the street again.

3.      Jump to the glass encased ramps on the left.  These lead to an elevator taking you down to a hall leading to catwalks surrounding an island building out in the middle of the street.  If you go down there you'll see that the catwalk leading to the other side of the street is retracted.  You have to extend the catwalk from inside the island building but the door is locked.  Enter the building by jumping from the balconies by the ramps.  A button extends the catwalk.

4.      This leads to a room w/ crates.  There is a pressure sensitive plate on the floor.  If you or a crate are on it the elevator moves down.  When the weight is removed it goes back up.  Force-pull a crate onto the plate, go to the elevator and force-push the crate off the pressure plate to activate the elevator.  A button in the next room lowers ramps for you.  Take them up and follow the building fronts to your right.

5.      You find yourself on a roof w/ glass windows.  You can take an elevator down to continue, or go break the windows and drop down to investigate.  If you drop down, there is a door leading to an elevator that takes you up to a higher set of catwalks.  These lead back towards the beginning.  A Gran guards a path across the main street.  This leads to an angled wall you can jump on and jump again onto a platform stretching across the main street and which has Secret 3 on it.  If you go back down and back across you can follow the catwalk around and down the side street w/ the bar that you started out on.  You'll notice a couple catwalks stretching across this side street at lower levels.  If you jump down using the catwalks, lamp fixtures and door frames you can access Secret 4, which you saw, but couldn't get to when you left the bar.

6.      Retrace your steps to get back to the roof w/ the glass.  Take the elevator down from the roof or jump out the window inside the building to get to the next building.  This is open to the street and there is a barge floating nearby.  You probably already took out the enemies on it.  Jump onto it and from there to a ledge w/ a door leading to an elevator, which takes you up to a glass hallway extending across the main street.   Cross this but take out the placed detpack first.  

7.      Here there is a pool of water but it is electrified.  Blow up the crate and wall to your left and shoot the sparking pipe you find there.  You can now enter the water and get close enough to force-pull the bridge out over the water.  Use it to gain access to the roof.  Secret 5 can be found if you walk across the top of the glass hallway  and jump from there to the building next to it.  Go back across the glass hall and move the droid away from the wall panel there to operate a switch, which moves an arm attached to the building and facing out into the street a little below you.  Jump onto it and force pull another arm towards you.  Jump onto it and from here to the garbage collector.

8.      Ride the collector back towards the bar.  Before the first stopping point there is a chute you can jump into (it's tricky) to get Secret  6.  You come out either above the collector or back by where the droid was.   Get back to the collector and ride it to the first stopping point.  Force-push the button there to change the course of the collector to keep it going straight.  If you don't it will go sideways and push you off.  There is a second stopping point, do the same thing there.  You will now ride into the entrance to Reelo's hideout.

Nar Shadda Starpad (Level 10)

1.      Now that you've rescued Lando from Reelo's prison, you need to find his ship, "The Lady Luck" and escape.  At the top of the elevator head straight up and then follow Lando to the elevator.  At the top you and Lando will find The Lady Luck.  Follow Lando's instructions and look for the flight control center to open the main door so that you and Lando can get in the hangar.

2.      To find the control center take the elevator down, the one near Lando and head for the door straight ahead when you reach the bottom.  Once you reach the door take the door on the left.  Dispatch the bowcaster dudes and grab the batteries on the far right side of the room.  You'll need these for your light amp goggles in the next room.

3.      Turn on your light amp goggles and enter the next room and make the following turns in order: Right, over the box, left, left, under the fixture, right, right, left out the door.  Take out the enemies here.  Take the walkway around the side.

4.      You'll reach the end of the walkway where Lando will ask you for some help with the turrets, take them out and proceed through the door on the right.  Take a left, then another left down the hall, then another left out the door.  This will bring you on the other side of the building.  Go to the platform on the end of the walkway there and jump up to the opening where the turrets are.

5.      Hang a left from the opening and follow the hallway.  At the end of the hallway is a fork, take the door straight ahead and push the button at the top of the ramp, this completes the first objective.  Head back out the door you came in and through the left door.  Take the walkways all the way back to The Lady Luck.

6.      At The Lady Luck you find that it needs fuel.  Help Lando hold off the enemy while the ship refuels.  After fighting for a minute or so Land will head into the ship's cockpit and discover that no fuel is flowing from the pipes.  You'll need to turn on the main fuel controls and also open both starpad doors overhead.  Make note of the icons on the fuel devices outside the ship, the one on the front of the ship with the red hose, and the one on the back with the bluish gray hose.  Exit through the door behind The Lady Luck.

7.      Turn left down the walkway when you exit.  Jump up on the huge container there with the pipes over top of it.  There are two stations corisponding to the two fuel hoses connected to The Lady Luck.  Match the icons on the hoses with the icons here and the fuel will begin to pump.  Head back into the hangar for the next puzzle.

8.      From here on the left side of the hangar there is a box, walk up to the box and force push it out of the way.  You have to force push it from the right side, toward the left.  Then destroy the grate and drop below.  Follow the vent to the next room and activate the four central buttons, and then the button in the corner.  This will open the first starpad door.  You can exit out the door there or go back through the vent.

9.      Directly across the hangar from where the other vent was, is another vent shaft you must uncover by destroying the boxes around it.  Follow that vent shaft and perform the same procedure with the buttons as you did on the other side.  Both starpad doors should be open now and Lando will request you back at the ship, go there.

10.     When you get to the ship, Lando tries to start her up, only to find that something is blocking their way.  The hangar door across the way will open and Lando will instruct you to take the gun.  To activate the gun, use the console on the left and shoot all the enemies down (preferably gun emplacement first), before they destroy the ship.  Once you do, enjoy the movie.

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