Relic Hunters Legend gets even more kickass with the full party update and introduction of Raff

Full Party Update and New Character Arrive in Relic Hunters Legend!

Get your loot on now with 4 player co-op and support your team as Raff Rogue Snail has announced today that the full party update is now available in character-driven co-op loot shooter Relic Hunters Legend. Alongside the update comes a character spotlight featuring the sassy support character Raff, the Party Engineer. With an arsenal of abilities, Raff now is able to support her teammates through jammin' tunes and pump out some damage with her trusty Keytar.

As a follow up to Relic Hunters Zero, Relic Hunters Legend features a boisterous cast of characters that are brought to life with comic book style animation and each fulfills a different role. The latest role to be added is the support that is now available with the inclusion of Raff's full kit of abilities. Raff powers up her teammates with the variety of tunes in her music aura including the adrenaline pumping battle song, and the revitalizing soothing song. Raff is also able to get her teammates the quick escape they need with her up the tempo speed buff. When some serious damage or healing is needed Raff is able to use her Keytar Blast ability which blasts enemies away while also healing her team. When in close-up combat Raff packs a wallop with her trusty wrench melee skill.

While players are shooting and looting their way through the latest update of Relic Hunters Legend, they'll be able to use the newly added "special weapons" which replace the weapon in a player's loadout such as Raff's Keytar. Players will also be able to now shoot multiple projectiles out of their guns with the same shot and revel in dozens of new skill effects and sounds. With the full party update, Relic Hunters can now team up with three of their friends to form a complete party of four to chase down sweet loot and the mysterious past-stealing villain.

A full list of features include:

  • Zany Cartoon Art Style - With a modern cartoon art palette Relic Hunter Legends brings a fun, engaging, and active animation experience
  • Touching Tale of Friendship and Time Travel - Uncover the mysteries of the past, get to know your favorite characters better and save the Galaxy. This dedicated campaign will keep expanding indefinitely with new storylines, characters and side stories being introduced via updates
  • Deep RPG Mechanics - Collect hundreds of items, hunters and relics, and customize the perfect relic-hunting machine! Relic Hunters Legend is an extensive RPG where each Hunter can fit various playstyles
  • Up to Four Player Co-op - Play the campaign solo, or play with friends in this exciting and fun-filled galactic journey!
  • All-out Top-Down Shooter Combat - Run-and-gun online with friends in full 3D environments involving smart enemies, incredible abilities, and unique items. Play with either keyboard-and-mouse or a controller, and experience full verticality and freedom of movement
  • Stunning Graphics - Running at 4K resolution and unlock framerates, players will get the best of the game's innovative mix of 2D and 3D animations
  • True Free-to-Play Experience - Play for free entirely without being blocked by a paywall. All in-game materials can be completely unlocked by playing and we will remain transparent
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