Hyperforma is Coming to the Nintendo Switch on September 5th; 10% Pre-Purchase Discount Available Until Launch

August 27, 2019 - Award-winning cyberpunk puzzler, Hyperforma is making its console debut on the Nintendo Switch on September 5, 2019! A 10% pre-purchase discount is available now until launch day via the Nintendo eShop.

In Hyperforma, you play as a lone explorer in a vanished society. You merge with an artifact left behind, an ancient network called the Cyberspace. As you journey through the Cyberspace, you start to uncover the secrets of the long-lost civilazation.

You become a threat to the network and have to hack into the systems and conquer titans that want to destroy you.

Hyperforma has been completely reworked to play on the Switch natively and not as a direct iOS port. Changes include a new UI, Gyroscope support, HD rumble support, an all-new local co-op VERSUS mode, and much more.

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