Racing Gamers Can Enjoy Full Analog Steering With ProSteer by BoxDark Industries

ProSteer, the first handheld analog steering controller for PC and Android, gives gamers total

control and a competitive edge for racing and first-person shooter games.

Brisbane, Australia - Gamers start those engines and get those controllers ready, because

BoxDark Industries is changing the game with the introduction of ProSteer, the first handheld

analog steering controller. ProSteer launched today on Kickstarter to bring unmatched accuracy

and complete steering control to gamers.

Racing Gamers Can Enjoy Full Analog Steering With ProSteer by BoxDark Industries |

ProSteer has revolutionized mechanical handheld steering with centralized torque and haptic

feedback. The result is a controller that perfects the driver's turn accuracy, scope of control and

steering precision.

"There's been tremendous growth in game consoles and games themselves, but there's a huge

lag in the controllers we use to play those games," said Phil Croft, CEO of BoxDark Industries.

"Whether playing Project Cars 2 or a friendly game of Mario Kart, ProSteer's technology will

unlock the competitive spirit in every driver and give them the edge they need to succeed."

ProSteer uses patent-pending Boxed Arc Technology to provide true analog steering that allows

the driver's hands to rotate around a virtual central axel. The 80 degrees of turn around that axel

replicates the path of a small steering wheel, eliminating the need for large, expensive racing

wheel setups. Removing the fixed point needed in other steering controllers, ProSteer's

centralizing torque feature gives a realistic, true steering experience from the comfort of a

favorite chair or sofa.

Patent-pending Multi Single Axis Control makes ProSteer the ultimate three-in-one game

controller that is perfect for a variety of uses. The first mode is analog steering via articulation.

The second mode is rapid strafe aiming via articulation. It provides the best control, and most

rapid targeting available for first-person shooter games. This mode also provides competitive

gameplay advantages for other game genres, including MMO and MOBA. The third mode is a

standard 13-button and two analog stick gamepad without articulation. This basic mode allows

gamers to use ProSteer to enjoy any game in a standard controller format without the need for

additional controllers.

Analog triggers with 35 degrees of linear draw and haptic feedback vibrations help accurately

simulate a variety of scenarios, including pressing a brake pedal, running on rough terrain,

shooting an automatic rifle, or crashing a car. ProSteer connects via Bluetooth, and is

compatible with PCs and Android smartphones. ProSteer offers a three-hour (gaming) battery

life and is powered by Lithium ion batteries, and connects via USB-C connection.

ProSteer is available to pre-order starting at $99 for the earliest backers

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