NVIDIA's RTX 4070 Super is below MSRP already in Europe - another hint this GPU is struggling?

Retailers in Austria, Germany, and Poland have already cut the price of the RTX 4070 Super graphics card below the MSRP, which could be a telling sign.

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NVIDIA's RTX 4070 Super is only just out - literally yesterday - but this graphics card has already sunk below its MSRP, although not in the US, mind.

In Europe we've seen price tags drop below the recommended pricing set by NVIDIA, and as VideoCardz (and Wccftech, 3DCenter) made clear, this has happened in three countries.

Firstly, in Poland, an online retailer has dropped the price of an RTX 4070 Super by 5% under the local MSRP - that's for a Gainward model (Ghost).

Then there's an Austrian retailer which dropped the INNO3D TWIN X2 by almost 5%, and a German outlet which reduced the price of an RTX 4070 Super by 3% under the MSRP.

Those are only small discounts (and the Austrian price has gone back up, in fact), but still, they are unusual in that a new graphics card will usually hold its recommended pricing at the very least on launch day.

However, there have been some suggestions that the RTX 4070 Super has not sold well on its initial day on the shelves across the globe. YouTube leaker Moore's Law is Dead has heard from multiple sources about poor sales for the new GPU, but it certainly isn't dropping below MSRP in the US - yet.

If things continue in this purported vein, mind you, we could see a drop below the recommended pricing in the US. Certainly, there still seems to be plenty of stock of the RTX 4070 Super at Newegg, and that includes the two models at the MSRP (at the time of writing).

When a graphics card is in high demand, those models pitched at the MSRP level tend to disappear pretty quickly, of course.

European retailers already discounting the RTX 4070 Super at this very early stage is perhaps another hint that we might see price reductions in the US before long.

Still, it is very early in the game for the RTX 4070 Super, and we shouldn't be jumping to any conclusions. We need to give the GPU a bit of time before declaring it to be in trouble, naturally - after all, there are lots of positive things about this graphics card, despite the complaints from some gamers. And even if sales do struggle on an ongoing basis, there are options for NVIDIA.

One of which, again according to Moore's Law is Dead, is that NVIDIA might switch to prioritize the RTX 4070 Ti Super for a greater volume of production, instead of the RTX 4070 Super. If gamers continue to voice frustration regarding the 12GB of VRAM on-board the latter, which many feel is underequipped for a $599 upper-mid-range graphics card, putting more weight behind the RTX 4070 Ti Super (with 16GB) might be the sensible way forward.

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