The Sims 4 Horse Ranch expansion is real (so take that, neigh-sayers)

The Sims 4 horse expansion was previously rumored, but there were doubters of its existence - they can doubt no longer, though, as it's all but confirmed.

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The Sims 4 is getting a new expansion that's broadly cowboy-themed and introduces horses, according to heavy hints dropped by EA.

This follows recent rumors of a horsey expansion, fueled by listings at retailers for 'The Sims 4 Horse Ranch' (as PC Gamer pointed out).

With EA announcing on Twitter that a 'rootin' tootin' expansion' is coming that'll allow you to 'take the reins,' there's not much doubt that horses are inbound for The Sims 4. Especially as in a following tweet, EA tells us that there's a trailer due to arrive on June 22 (tomorrow) and to "giddy up for good news coming soon."

On top of that, the official Microsoft Store Twitter account replies to say that it's dusting off its cowboy boots.

Elsewhere on Twitter, we can see purported leaked images from the expansion (which look real and believable enough - but as ever, be cautious around spillage from the rumor mill).

As you can see, the theory is that this will be an equestrian-themed add-on in a desert setting, and it's a full expansion pack.

The leaked details come from the Steam product page for The Sims 4, we're told, including the expansion's blurb, which describes a world where you can design your own ranch - from a traditional cabin to a big red barn - and then fill it with animal friends. That means the aforementioned horses, of course, and foals.

The blurb also mentions visits to the bar, dance hall, and naturally training at the equestrian park. All of which has got many keen Sims players very excited.

We'll know more about the expansion soon enough, as that trailer will be out tomorrow, and we'd expect the on-sale date to be pretty close on the horizon.

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