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Ryzen 7800X3D spotted lagging behind other AMD CPUs - but don't worry about it

Leaked benchmark shows Ryzen 7800X3D trailing behind some other AMD processors, including a last-gen model too - but there's nothing to be concerned about.

Ryzen 7800X3D spotted lagging behind other AMD CPUs - but don't worry about it
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A leaked benchmark has appeared, showing one side of the potential performance of the Ryzen 7 7800X3D - and it looks shaky at first glance, but there's no need to be concerned here.

First, let's look at the leak itself, which comes from the SiSoftware database, and naturally bear in mind all the usual caveats about whether any spillage may or may not be genuine.

This fresh leak shows the Ryzen 7 7800X3D achieving a score of 395.07 GOPS in SiSoftware's 'processor arithmetic' benchmark.

As Tom's Hardware, which spotted the above tweet, points out, this is considerably behind some of AMD's existing chips, like the AMD Ryzen 9 7950X which scored 800.42 GOPs. Or indeed the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X from the last-generation, which hit 573.95 GOPS, still outdoing the 7800X3D by a long way.

So what does this tell us? Well, nothing we didn't already know, because the 7800X3D is not designed to be a high achiever in these sorts of benchmarks - it's gaming where the chip is going to excel.

That said, it's still interesting to see where a heavyweight benchmark such as this has the 7800X3D placed. And indeed that the 7800X3D does beat out its predecessor, the 5800X3D, by some distance (the latter scored 287.60 GOPS).

Also of note is that Tom's dug up a benchmark result for the AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D, which scored 746.88 GOPS, trailing the vanilla 7950X by a little distance.

All this aside, how does the incoming 7800X3D - due to be launched on April 6 - perform in gaming benchmarks where it really matters?

Tom's Hardware was also on the case in this respect, highlighting benchmarks that show some considerable wins for the 7800X3D versus Intel's Core i9-13900K, with the AMD CPU being 24% faster in Horizon Zero Dawn, and 23% quicker for Red Dead Redemption 2 frame rates.

A comparison to AMD's 5800X3D was also provided, and the 7800X3D outstripped its predecessor to the tune of up to 30% (with that top result being seen in Dota 2).

All this provides a seriously impressive taster of the kind of performance we're looking at, but only a full review with a range of comparative benchmarks will really let us know the strength of this mid-range 3D V-Cache model.

Roll on next week when we'll witness the big launch of the 7800X3D, and hopefully, stock won't be too hard to come by (but realistically, it likely will - and the pricing of the new CPU could well suffer as a result).

Darren has written for numerous magazines and websites in the technology world for almost 30 years, including TechRadar, PC Gamer, Eurogamer, Computeractive, and many more. He worked on his first magazine (PC Home) long before Google and most of the rest of the web existed. In his spare time, he can be found gaming, going to the gym, and writing books (his debut novel – ‘I Know What You Did Last Supper’ – was published by Hachette UK in 2013).

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