Ground Zero: Texas remastered, prepare for the awesome 90s FMV classic

Screaming Villains gave us Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition, Double Switch: 20th Anniversary Edition, now Ground Zero: Texas.

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Ground Zero: Texas was one of my favorite games on the Sega CD all the way back in 1993, so it comes with much excitement to deliver news to you that the FMV classic is being remastered. Introducing Ground Zero: Texas - Nuclear Edition.

It is looking much better than its garbage look on the Sega CD at the time with 3000 layers of interlacing, but the remaster in Ground Zero: Texas - Nuclear Edition is looking quite great. Ground Zero: Texas was originally developed for the Sega CD by Digital Pictures, and saw you taking on an alien invasion in the town of El Cadron.

It's an FMV (full-motion video) with real actors, that you "shoot" and they "react" to your shot. It was played with a controller at the time, and saw gameplay from the FMV shooter that blended the American Laser Games series with the camera-switching, puzzle-solving of games like Night Trap and Double Switch.

I was a teenager at the time and loved these games for some reason -- those 3 games in Ground Zero: Texas, Night Trap, and Double Switch. I don't know why, but they were cheesy as hell and kind of a glimpse into the 'future of gaming' at a time when everything shipped on cartridges.

Ground Zero: Texas - Nuclear Edition will be released on Steam and in physical form for the PS4, with pre-orders going live on January 22 -- with the game hitting Steam and PS4 on March 2.

Ground Zero: Texas remastered, prepare for the awesome 90s FMV classic 01

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