The original Xbox emulator Xemu updated, graphic/audio improvements

The original open-source, cross-platform original Xbox emulator, Xemu, has audio and graphical improvements with v0.5 release.

Published Mon, Jan 4 2021 10:22 PM CST

I still remember walking into EB Games and buying the original Xbox along with the original Halo, and Project Gotham Racing, and losing probably a good 6-12 months solid of my life. But man, was it worth it. Now, we have emulators with the new Xemu v0.5 release... check it out:

The new Xemu v0.5 emulator has audio and graphical improvements, and runs natively on a bunch of operating systems: Windows, macOS, and Linux. There's even pre-compiled binaries available for Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu if you wanted to tinker around with it.

The team explains: "xemu v0.5 has been released! This marks another major milestone in the project. In addition to a host of graphics improvements, fixes to enable broader BIOS compatibility, and general usability improvements: preliminary audio support has been added!"

You can read more, and download the Xemu v0.5 emulator right here.

Open Source

  • The source code is publicly available. Users are invited to help improve the project!

Cross Platform

  • xemu runs natively on Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. Pre-compiled binaries are available for Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu.

System Link

  • Networking is supported out of the box. Connect to other instances of xemu and even real Xboxes, locally or over the Internet.

Gamepad Support

  • Built on SDL2, xemu supports virtually all gamepads. Connect up to 4 controllers at any time, just like a real Xbox.

Snapshots (Save States)

  • No need to wait for checkpoints. xemu supports saving the current state and loading it back up at any time.
The original Xbox emulator Xemu updated, graphic/audio improvements 01 |

Anthony is a long time PC enthusiast with a passion of hate for games built around consoles. FPS gaming since the pre-Quake days, where you were insulted if you used a mouse to aim, he has been addicted to gaming and hardware ever since. Working in IT retail for 10 years gave him great experience with custom-built PCs. His addiction to GPU tech is unwavering.

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