MTG Arena will 'aggressively expand' onto other platforms through 2020

Wizard's massively successful MTG Arena digital CCG is coming to other platforms, including mobile.

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Magic: The Gathering Arena has been tremendously successful on PC, and Wizards of the Coast are eager to expand the game's reach to other platforms.

MTG Arena will 'aggressively expand' onto other platforms through 2020 23

MTG Arena is likely coming to every single platform and addressable market in the games industry. The free-to-play online-based digital CCG, which puts an emphasis on monetizing randomized card packs, is prime territory for dedicated consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, or the on-the-go handheld Switch hybrid. It's even a contender for Stadia, Google's new cloud streaming service. But Arena's true potential for massive earnings is on the $68.5 billion mobile market.

Now in a recent Hasbro investor's meeting at ToyFair, Wizards of the Coast not only confirms Arena will release on mobile in 2020, but the game will see a dramatic expansion to other devices and services.

"Arena will be aggressively expanding to new markets, new platforms, and new formats," Wizards of the Coast President Chris Cocks said in the presentation.

Just like with any live game, engagement is a core tenant for Arena. WotC hopes to capture engagement with accessibility and expansion on new platforms, as well as a stronger push into esports tournaments and live streams to fuel competition and keep users tied to the community.

"Growth for Arena in 2020 will come from audience expansion and deeper engagement by launching Arena on mobile, the preferred and largest gaming platform of the next generation of gamers; going into beta in China after a successful test in January with our partners at Tencent; and capitalizing on the success of our esports program by expanding viewership and participation opportunities to our most valuable players."

Arena isn't the only Magic card WotC has up its sleeve, though.

MTG Arena will 'aggressively expand' onto other platforms through 2020 47

Wizards of the Coast is also introducing Magic Spellslingers, a card battler that's more accessible to everyday mobile gamers. The idea is to use Spellslingers as a monetizable entry point into the card game in a controlled all-digital environment. As gamers progress in Spellslingers, they might be more likely to jump into Arena--or simply keep playing Spellslingers and buying new cards.

The WotC President says Spellslingers will "reinvent the genre for the mobile-first generation."

When it comes to the premium segment, Wizards is currently working on seven major RPGs to release by 2025.

The first RPG, Larian's new Baldur's Gate 3, is due out in 2020 and is coming to early access later this year. A new co-op based Dungeons and Dragons aRPG called Dark Alliance is also slated to release this year.

MTG Arena will 'aggressively expand' onto other platforms through 2020 21

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