Secretlab unveils new Overwatch-themed gaming chairs

Secretlab unveils world's first official Overwatch and D.Va Edition gaming chairs.

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Secretlab has just unveiled the world's first Overwatch-themed gaming chairs, just as Blizzard unveiled Overwatch 2. The two new chairs include an Overwatch-themed variant, and an even better-looking D.Va Edition gaming chair.

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The new Secretlab D.Va Edition gaming chair comes in two variants itself, with the OMEGA D.Va Edition and the TITAN D.Va Edition with the big difference here being that the OMEGA version is a slim fit chair while the TITAN allows you to sit (like me) cross-legged when you're gaming.

Secretlab uses a gorgeous bubblegum-pink themed SoftWeave Fabric, with a bunch of D.Va's iconic in-game decals which are all over the wings of the chair. It seriously looks so good, and I can't wait to have one in my gaming station next to my huge D.Va statue.

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The second chair is the Secretlab Overwatch Edition which has their iconic PRIME 2.0 PU leather and an absolutely huge Overwatch emblem as the centerpiece of the chair. It stands out from the crowd, and will be a favorite of Overwatch gamers across the world.

Secretlab's new Overwatch Edition gaming chair also comes in two variants in the Secretlab OMEGA Overwatch Edition and the Secretlab TITAN Overwatch Edition.

  • Secretlab D.Va Edition (OMEGA) - $399
  • Secretlab D.Va Edition (TITAN) - $449
  • Secretlab Overwatch Edition (OMEGA) - $389
  • Secretlab Overwatch Edition (TITAN) - $429

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