Rare updates the seabed in Sea of Thieves: The Sunken Curse

Sea of Thieves players now have a reason to venture down to the sea floor, The Sunken Curse patch has gone live.

Published Thu, Jul 12 2018 1:00 AM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 11:51 AM CST

Rare has decided to give players a reason to venture down to the seabed they have been so effortlessly cruising over since the release of Sea of Thieves. The update titled 'Bilge Rat Adventures: The Sunken Curse' will now reward players for their scuba-diving skills.

The Sunken Curse will be adding cursed 'Mermaid Statues' at the bottom of the sea floor that radiate ancient magic and will have to be destroyed by players. The Bilge Rats will challenge players to go and destroy the statues, all of them will slowly regenerate health overtime but some more than others. The more powerful statues will require some more fire-power to bring down, a crew of up to four players might be needed to fully tackle it but no more than that.

The patch also comes with cosmetics for players to dress up, 'The Wailing Barnacle Cosmetics' have been added as a purchasable to the Bilge Rat shop. The Wailing Barnacle Cosmetics features a hat, dress and jacket. They will only be available to players for a limited time only so you want to get in on some limited edition garments, bring your Bilge Rat Doubloons to the Bilge Rat shop before the 25th of July. The Sunken Curse patch is live right now and comes in at 1.64GB download on the Xbox One and 1.30GB on Windows. To read the official patch notes visit the official Sea of Thieves website here.


Sunken Curse Event - Cursed Mermaid Statues are the latest addition to Sea of Thieves. Hidden in the shallows around island shores, they radiate ancient magic. For this adventure, the Bilge Rats are challenging all brave pirates to seek out and destroy the statues. Not all statues are bound by the same curse but they all regenerate health over time, and while some will require more firepower than others to destroy, no more than four players will be required to destroy even the toughest statue.

Sunken Items - It's not all malevolent curses in the shallows! Eagle-eyed pirates can also find artefacts, skulls and treasure chests hidden on the seabed ready to be plundered.

The Wailing Barnacle Cosmetics - The Hat, Dress and Jacket of The Wailing Barnacle have been added to the Bilge Rat shop. These items are time-limited and only purchasable with Bilge Rat Doubloons, so get them before they sink back to the depths on July 25th.

Bilge Rat Titles - Earn three unique titles introduced with The Sunken Curse event and equip them straight from the Vanity Chest!

Bilge Rat Doubloons - There are 100 Bilge Rat Doubloons available for the standard Commendations, and an additional 50 Bilge Rat Doubloons available for completing the Legendary Commendation and becoming a Legendary Curse Breaker. Each of The Sunken Curse Commendations on the Bilge Rat progress screen details the number of Bilge Rat Doubloons it rewards. You have until July 25th to earn Bilge Rat Doubloons by completing these Commendations.

Bilge Rat Flag - A new flag has been added to all pirates' flag inventories! This new flag can be used to show other pirates that they're on the hunt for Bilge Rat Doubloons.

 Rare updates the seabed in Sea of Thieves: The Sunken Curse | TweakTown.com

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