Battlefield V is coming, will be based in the WWII era

EA and DICE reportedly working on Battlefield V, once again based during WWII.

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There have been more and more rumors starting up about the new entry into the Battlefield series, and while I thought Battlefield 1 was one of the weakest entries yet, EA and DICE seem confident in throwing Battlefield gamers back into the original World Wars.

Battlefield V is coming, will be based in the WWII era |

The latest rumor is from VentureBeat, who is reporting that Battlefield V will be based during World War II, the first time for Battlefield since the 2009 release of Battlefield 1943. Internally, the team was calling it Battlefield 2, but the name has shifted to Battlefield V. For your reference, I've included the recent Battlefield titles below, because things are going to get confusing, really fast.

  • Battlefield 1942 - released in 2002
  • Battlefield Vietnam - released in 2004
  • Battlefield 2 - released in 2005
  • Battlefield 2142 - released in 2006
  • Battlefield 1943 - released 2009
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - released in 2010
  • Battlefield 3 - released in 2011
  • Battlefield 4 - released in 2013
  • Battlefield Hardline - released in 2015 (let's forget this one, shall we)
  • Battlefield 1 - released in 2016

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