Rocket League hosts Halloween event 'Haunted Hallows'

Trick or Treat? Rocket League gets into the Halloween spirit.

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Rocket League are introducing their first themed-event for Halloween, Haunted Hallows. The timed event introduces new crates, in-game items and a new form of currency, Candy Corn. Haunted Hallows begins tomorrow- October 16 and runs through to November 6.

Rocket League hosts Halloween event 'Haunted Hallows' 01

Candy Corn is Haunted Hallows limited-time currency and is earned by completing Online Matches. The Candy Corn currency can be redeemed for Halloween items, Decryptors, and locked "Haunted Hallows" crates. Candy Corn won't expire on November 6 when Haunted Hallows is finished, you will still have the option to spend remaining currency for one-week post-Halloween Hallows.

Rocket League hosts Halloween event 'Haunted Hallows' 02

Decryptors are the latest way to unlock crates and can only be purchased using your precious Candy Corn. Decryptors can open any crate in Rocket League, including Event Crates, not a bad item to stock up on.

Rocket League hosts Halloween event 'Haunted Hallows' 03

The final addition for Haunted Hallows is Event Crates, only available throughout the Haunted Hallows event these crates can be obtained by completing online matches, purchasing using Candy Corn or buy Event Crates directly.


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