EK Water Blocks has new terminals for multi-GPU setups

EKWB continues to be the best watercooling hardware for enthusiasts with improved multi-GPU connectivity.

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EK Water Blocks continues to forge forward as the world leader in high-end liquid cooling products for the PC, with their latest release in new terminals for multiple Full-Cover GPU water blocks.

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EKWB's new design is more minimalistic than previous units, with the terminal featuring an engraved EK logo... and that's it. EK has redesigned the X-series terminals in the form of connectivity, with all of the ports being flush with the body of the terminal. This means that there's no more recessed ports, so there's no need to buy more extender fittings.

The new X-series terminals do everything their predecessor did, but were redesigned with some of the quirks ironed out. The design is more streamlined with the single EK logo, with options for Parallel or Serial terminals for connecting up your EKWB Full-Cover GPU waterblock with the new Terminal X-series. EK has used X-number labeling as a way to work out which GPU waterblocks that are a certain terminal can connect. EK-FC Terminal X2 S can connect up two GPU watrerblocks, in Serieal configuration for example.

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EK will be making both Acetal and Plexi versions of the new terminals, with black terminals being CNC machines from a solid chunk of high-grade POM Acetal material, while the Plexi version is made from cast acrylic, while the externals are machine-polished with a high-gloss, glass-like finish.

There's also more connectivity options with the new X-series terminals over the previous model, with the Parallel X-series terminals featuring two inlet holes on both sides that let you pick the Inlet/Outlet scenario. Both the Parallel and Serial Terminals feature G1/4-inch threaded ports that EK has made flush with the body of the terminal. The fittings can be applied directly to the terminal, with a clean as hell look... but if you don't like the new look, you can use remove them for the same style.

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GIGABYTE has worked with EK Water Blocks on their new X-series fittings, with a digital RGB LED strip and a 5-pin header through a special LED cable included with some motherboards. GIGABYTE's AORUS X299 motherboards have some of the best LED systems on their boards in the world, and with GIGABYTE's RGB Fusion app, you can individually color each LED on the monoblocks integrated Digital LED strip. Impressive stuff!

EK Water Blocks' new EK-Terminals X are available through the EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Network. As for pricing, check out EKWB's website.

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