Oclean One: the world's smartest electric toothbrush

Oclean One is the fastest electronic toothbrush in the world.

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Brushing your teeth every morning hasn't changed much, and while the introduction of electric toothbrushes made it more convenient... we live in a 'smart' world now, right?!

This is where Oclean One steps into the foray, with the team hitting Indiegogo trying to secure $20,000 - but quickly reaching $103,647 from 999 backers at the time of writing. What is Oclean One? It's the fastest electric toothbrush in the world, with a 60-day battery life, ultra-fast charging, "best-in-class bristles", a bunch of presets, and even a freakin' AI-enabled application, and a speaker.

The best part about the Oclean One is the personalization that you get, with the Oclean app recommending brushing plans that are based on your age, gender, eating habits, and more. There are 12 preset brushing plans that will help you reach your pearly white goals, such as whitening your teeth, strengthening your sensitive teeth, and protecting your gums.

The 60-day battery life claim is amazing, especially considering the internal battery can be charged from dead flat at 0% to a full 60-day battery life in just 3.5 hours.

Oclean One: the world's smartest electric toothbrush | TweakTown.com

Oclean includes an awesome Apple-like lightweight travel packaging and magnetic charger that make toting the Oclean One toothbrush nice and easy.

There are some patented innovations on the Oclean One, with two world-leading filament brands: DuPont and Pedex, which "enhance the durability of brush heads and to provide long-lasting maximum cleaning performance". Oclean explains: "The special diamond shape and great roundness of these filaments guarantee you a comfortable brushing experience with unrivalled cleaning power".

Another great feature found on Oclean One is that there's a Smart Voice Reminder within the Oclean One's loudspeaker that lets you RECORD YOUR MEMO through the app, and sync to the Oclean One. It will then automatically play when you turn on your Oclean One the next day.

This is great for those lightning moments when you're brushing your teeth and have nowhere to type your idea or thought or reminder, now you can just sing it into your toothbrush. People, we are living in the FUTURE!

Oclean is offering their Oclean One Brush Pack that comes with the Oclean One toothbrush, two soft head brushes, a deep cleaning head brush, and a travel case for $99 (down from $139) as an Indiegogo Exclusive Pack. There are more details on the Indiegogo landing page for Oclean One, too.

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