PUBG: 800,000 concurrent users, 8 million copies sold

Battlegrounds reaches 800,000 concurrent gamers, starts getting close to Dota 2's record numbers.

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It was just two weeks ago that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds reached 617,000 concurrent gamers on Steam, but since then there have been hundreds dof thousands of people who have purchased the game, pushing those peak users up to a huge 810,000.

PUBG has now reached a new peak of 810,668 concurrent users on Steam, getting to the edge of the peak where Dota 2 reigns king with 839,424 concurrent users. At this rate, PUBG will have more concurrent gamers playing at once than a massive eSports champion like Dota 2. PUBG's numbers dwarf CS:GO now, which is home to only 537,578 concurrent users at once.

Bluehole have sold over 8 million copies of PUBG now, a huge number when you take into consideration that the game went into Steam Early Access in March... it's not even finished yet, and has more maps and content coming in the next few weeks. Also remember that Microsoft will have Battlegrounds on Xbox later this year, which will surely add a few million new sales to that number.

We should see PUBG hit 1 million concurrent gamers by the second week of September, or even earlier, at this rate... an achievement that is going to continue to make Battlegrounds rule the headlines and gamers' PCs.

PUBG: 800,000 concurrent users, 8 million copies sold |

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