AMD prepares 9 models of ThreadRipper, up to 16C/32T

AMD prepares 9 different ThreadRipper models, from 10C/20T to 16C/32T.

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Computex 2017 - AMD unleashed their new HEDT platform at Computex 2017, detailing ThreadRipper and its new X399 chipset. Intel fought back with its new Core X-Series announcement and the new $1999 flagship CPU with Core i9-7980XE.

AMD prepares 9 models of ThreadRipper, up to 16C/32T 14

AMD might not have a consumer CPU with 18C/36T, but it will be offering 16C/32T with their flagship ThreadRipper 1998X processor. Interestingly, AMD has nailed the TDP on ThreadRipper where they're offering far superior TDP numbers on their processors. For example, Intel's new 6C/12T right up to the 10C/20T have 140W TDPs, while AMD sips 125W. It's only 15W, but traditionally it has been Intel that has superior TDP numbers.

AMD prepares 9 models of ThreadRipper, up to 16C/32T 13

There will be 9 different Ryzen ThreadRipper CPUs in total, with the 'X' models featuring XFR (Extended Frequency Range), which allows the ThreadRipper CPUs to scale their clock speeds past the traditional boost clocks, and it scales the CPU clocks with cooling. So if you have air cooling, you'll hit a certain frequency, but AIO water cooling and LN2 setups will benefit more with XFR.

AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper CPUs


  • ThreadRipper 1998X: 3.5/3.9GHz, XFR, 155W
  • ThreadRipper 1998: 3.2/3.6GHz, 155W


  • ThreadRipper 1977X: 3.5/4.0GHz, XFR, 155W
  • ThreadRipper 1977: 3.2/3.7GHz, 155W


  • ThreadRipper 1976X: 3.6/4.0GHz, XFR, 125W
  • ThreadRipper 1956X: 3.2/3.8GHz, XFR, 125W
  • ThreadRipper 1956: 3.0/3.7GHz 125W


  • ThreadRipper 1955: 3.1/3.7GHz, 125W
  • ThreadRipper 1995X: 3.6/4.0GHz, 125W

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