Apple rumored to consider purchasing Disney

Apple reportedly looking at acquiring Disney, which would be one of the biggest acquisitions ever.

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If there was ever a wild rumor for 2017, it would be that Apple is considering an acquisition of Disney - you know, the company that owns Marvel, LucasFilm, and Pixar - and is a giant on its own.

Apple rumored to consider purchasing Disney |

Apple is just as massive in the consumer electronics business, and with $200 billion in cash laying around, Apple could really stir up the entire world with an acquisition of Disney. With the largest cash reserver for a private company in history, Apple would own the rights to IP like The Avengers, Toy Story, Star Wars, Frozen, and so many more with an acquisition of Disney.

Now imagine all of that content having its parent company Apple, provide them with the rights to use their products like iPhones and Macs in their movies and TV shows - without the why-do-they-bother crappily made custom OS for a shot of a smartphone in a movie, or the fact that they're using an iPhone or Mac and they put tape over the logo. Imagine actual product placement, without it needing to be, and by a company as large as Apple - in movies as big as Iron Man, for example.

The rumor is coming from RGB analyst Steven Cahall, who said: "Bulls think it portends well for a swan song exit via a sale to a giant like AAPL", reports Business Insider. The site added that there is a "battle raging among content providers for your eyeballs", and they're completely right.

Mix in the exciting future of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality technologies - Apple could position itself amazingly well with an acquisition of Disney. With rumors of the iPhone X from the likes of Robert Scoble, and others - Apple's tease of a Disney acquisition is beyond exciting.

If AR/VR/MR tech is the future, and I believe it is - in a bigger way than most people think, Apple could be making a deal that will be so big in 10-20 years it'll make our head spin... we just won't see it right away. Right now, BI said "we are living in a world where content is king", and if Apple owned a massive slice of that content pie... well.

It could be the global leader in consumer products and entertainment, offering their Disney, Pixar, and LucasFilm-made movies on Apple's own services. It could potentially lock out massive film franchises from the likes of Pixar and Marvel from Google or Netflix, forcing people into the arms of a subscription with Apple on their devices or services.

Do you think it'll happen? Would this deal make you switch over to an iPhone if your favorite movies or franchise were owned by Apple overnight?

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