'Deep Space 9' doco crew hoping to add HD show footage

Could this be a way to prove to the studio that fans will support an HD remaster?

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The creators of a new documentary exploring the legacy of the 'Star Trek' series 'Deep Space Nine' are in talks with CBS about gaining access to the original 35mm negative, in hopes that it will reach an agreement to feature select scenes remastered in 1080p.

Director Adam Nimoy and producers Ira Steven Behr and David Zappone have revealed that their upcoming feature 'What We Left Behind', which is currently winding up a hugely successful indiegogo campaign, may feature select scenes remastered from the original negative ala the extensive 'Star Trek: Next Generation' remastered Blu-ray collection.

'Deep Space 9' doco crew hoping to add HD show footage | TweakTown.com

While the network hasn't committed to remastering the series in the same manner due to the extensive computer graphics required, coupled with diminishing returns from physical media which would be required to make the project feasible, 'What We Left Behind' may very well serve as a tantalising glimpse as to what the show would look like, freed from its NTSC masters. The indiegogo campaign has three days left to go, and has now generated over half a million dollars in support.

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