AMD's next-gen Ryzen benched against 7700K and 6900K

AMD's next-gen Ryzen CPU benchmarked against Intel's latest Core i7-7700K processor.

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AMD teased their next-generation CPU architecture not too long ago at their annual AMD Tech Summit 2016 event in Sonoma, California - benchmarking the new 8-core/16-thread version of the Summit Ridge platform, better known as Ryzen.

AMD's next-gen Ryzen benched against 7700K and 6900K 03

Now we have some new benchmarks that have been leaked, with Cinebench R15 results that pit Ryzen against Intel's new Kaby Lake-based Core i7-7700K processor.

AMD's next-gen Ryzen benched against 7700K and 6900K 01

AMD's new Ryzen CPU clocked at 3.4GHz (it will be faster than this when it launches) against the Core i7-7700K, with Ryzen coming out on top - but a fair margin, too. This is to be expected however, as the 7700K is a 4-core/8-thread CPU against the 8-core/16-thread Ryzen CPU.

Cinebench R15 results:

  • AMD Ryzen - 1188
  • Core i7-7700K - 966
  • Core i7-7700K @ 5GHz - 1083
  • Core i7-6900K - 1500
  • Core i7-6950X - 1800

Next up we have some Fritz Chess benchmark results, with Ryzen hitting 36.86 points and 17,693 Kilo Nodes per second. Comparing this to the Core i7-7700K which scores 35.52 points and 17,049 - the Core i7-6900K which scores 22,500 and the Core i7-6950X with 24,000+ points.

AMD's next-gen Ryzen benched against 7700K and 6900K 02

AMD has a while to go yet before it can slam those CPUs - but remember, Ryzen is clocked at just 3.4GHz for now... things will change when we pass 4GHz, and 4.5GHz, and so on.

Fritz Chess Relative Score:

  • AMD Ryzen - 36.86
  • Core i7-7700K - 35.52
  • Core i7-7700K @ 5GHz - 41.44
  • Core i7-6900K - 47.80
  • Core i7-6950X - 51.50

What Does It All Mean?!

AMD doesn't need to market their highest-end Ryzen CPU against Intel's enthusiast range of processors that cost $1000 - unless it can reach $1000+ of equivalent Intel performance. But, comparing it against the more mainstream Core i7-7700K and pricing it in the same bracket, will crush Intel in a big way.

AMD's next-gen Ryzen benched against 7700K and 6900K 03

Right now, Ryzen is being held back at 3.4GHz - so it will be an interesting next few months as AMD continues to tune and refine Ryzen before its launch in March 2017.


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