Useful tips for Battlefield 1 from its subbreddit

If you don't know them, these tips will save your life.

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For the people who don't know, Reddit is usually a place filled with nitty discoveries and game changing tips. Today, we got three from the Battlefield 1 subreddit that can bring up your A game. Thanks to "Sidewaard", "Dioroxic" and "TheSaltyRhino" from the community over there for providing these informations.

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Do you hate that airship which it have been shelling on your head and ruining your game, maybe you can let them taste some of your pain with the trench periscope. Sidewaard states: "If nobody is really paying attention to the airship, pull out the trench periscope and spot it, the massive red outline is unmissable and it's hilarious to watch the thing get absolutely battered as soon as you spot it with the trench periscope.."

For taking out the airship with your team, Dioroxic suggest these options:

  1. Best option. Get airship busters. This is by far the fastest way to do damage. You can do 20% to 30% in a single run, turn around, and do another run. Dealing about half health with 2 runs in under one minute. If you have 2 or 3 airship busters, takes less than a minute to kill it with only those things.
  2. Second best option. Anti air artillery truck. It's basically the AA guns, but mobile and you're in an armored truck so you can't easily get taken out. If you get into a firefight with the guns on the bottom of the behemoth, you can blow up the guns before they blow you up.
  3. The AA guns. There are a shit ton of these on every map. Please for the love of god just get into one. It really sucks when people on your team just run past them when an airship is in the sky. It's really easy damage to the airship. Sometimes they spot you though and blow you up.
  4. Tanks, AT-rockets, fortress guns, all other shit. Kind of useless but can do damage. I've taken out an airship with a fortress gun on monte grappa before though.
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Mustard gas or otherwise known as Sulfur gas have been one of the most deadliest chemical weapon in humanity's history and it's no exception in Battlefield 1. Redditor TheSaltyRhino found out you can actually disable the gas grenades by shooting at it.

That's it for the tip post. For more tips and conversations on Battlefield 1, you can go over there and chat with the community.

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